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2015 [Top] 1

14.  Bioinformatique: Cours et applications (2e édition)  
G. Deléage & M. Gouy
Collection: Sciences Sup, Dunod
ISBN 978-2-10-073077-3

2013 [Top] 1

13. Bioinformatique: Cours et cas pratique 
G. Deléage & M. Gouy
Collection: Sciences Sup, Dunod
Parution mai 2013, 195 pages
ISBN 978-2-10-058751-3

2012 [Top] 1

12. SuMo method: a tool for protein function inference based on 3D structures.  
Chemelle JA, Bettler E, Combet C, Terreux R, Geourjon C & G. Deléage
In Identification of Ligand binding site and protein-protein interaction area
ISBN 978-94-007-5284-9

2006 [Top] 2

11. Web Services Interface to Run Protein Sequence Tools on Grid, Testcase of Protein Sequence Alignment 
Blanchet, C, Combet, C. Daric, V & G. Deléage
Biological and Medical Data Analysis, ISBN 978-3-540-68063-5
Volume 4345, pages 240-249

10. Des protéines au bout de la souris. 
G. Deléage
La recherche
Supplément sur le calcul haute performance
Vol 393, Pages 73-74

2003 [Top] 1

9. Bioinformatique structurale des protéines ou un enjeu pour l?après génome. 
G. Deléage & Geourjon C.
Revue du palais de la Découverte, Mai
Pages 39-47

1995 [Top] 1

8. Intensive sequence comparisons to predict protein secondary structure. Integration into a software package: ANTHEPROT. 
G. Deléage & Geourjon C.
Hawaï International Conference on Computers Systems
IEEE press
Vol 5, pages 292-301

1990 [Top] 1

7. Interaction between and subunits in F0-F1complex from pig heart mitochondrial F1-ATPase.  
Penin F, G. Deléage, Gagliardi D, Roux B & Gautheron D.C.
Eur. Bioenerg. Conf.
Short rep.
Vol 6, Page 60

1989 [Top] 1

6. Use of class prediction to improve protein secondary structure prediction. Joint prediction with methods based on sequence homology. 
G. Deléage & Roux B
Prediction of protein structure and the principles of protein conformation
Chapitre sur invitation (G.D. Fasman, Ed.), Plenum Press
Chapter 13, pp. 587-597

1986 [Top] 1

5. ATP synthesis, proton fluxes and oligomycin-sensitivity in reconstituted mitochondrial FO-F1 complex. Role of OSCP. 
Penin F., Godinot C, G. Deléage & Gautheron D.C.
Eur. Bioenerg. Conf.
Short rep.
Vol 4, page 268

1985 [Top] 1

4. Functional role of OSCP in ATPase and ATPsynthase activities. 
Gautheron D.C., Godinot C., G. Deléage, Archinard P. & Penin F.
Achievements and Perspectives of Mitochondrial Research
Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam
Vol. I , pp. 279-288

1984 [Top] 3

3. Functional and regulatory aspects of F1-FO ATPsynthase in reconstituted systems 
Gautheron D.C, Di Pietro A., G. Deléage, Godinot C., Fellous G., Moradi-Améli M. & Penin
Eur. Bioenerg. Conf.
Short rep.
Vol 3, pages 99-100

2. Proton translocation coupled to ATP synthesis and ATP hydrolysis in the mitochondrial ATPase-ATPsynthase.  
Godinot C, G. Deléage, Penin F, Archinard P. & Gautheron D.C.
H+-ATPase (ATPsynthase) : Structure, Function, Biogenesis of the Fo F1 complex of coupling membranes.
Pages 281-282

1. Role of some components of the pig heart mitochondrial ATPase-ATPsynthase on proton flux, ATP hydrolysis and ATP synthesis in the reconstituted system 
Penin F, G. Deléage & Godinot C.
Eur. Bioenerg. Conf.
Short rep.
Vol 3, pages 349-350

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