14-04-2018  : NPS@ fête son 20 anniversaire! 
More than 20,000, 000 of protein sequence jobs (25% from France, 25% from Europa, 25 from USA and 25% rest of the world).
28-09-2017  : ALIGNSEC: viewing secondary structure predictions within large multiple sequence aligments 
Motivation: ALIGNSEC is a module within ANTHEPROT designed for the interactive display, edition and printing of large scale multiple alignments integrating secondary structure predictions. Availability: The ALIGNSEC module is part of the ANTHEPROT package (http://antheprot-pbil.ibcp.fr) which can be used freely for academic users. It is running on Windows Operating systems.
30-04-2015  : L'article décrivant le serveur NPS@ franchit la barre des 1000 citations dans Wos 
The basic paper of the NPS@ server reached 1000 citations in ISI Wos. This server is running since 1998 and it performed more than 20 000 000 bioinformatics analyses fro the commnity.( 25% France, 25% rest of Europa, 25 from US and 25% rest of the world.
01-09-2014  : Membre de l'éditorial board of Advances of Bioinformatics 
04-04-2013  : Livre Bioinformatique édité chez Dunod 
10-10-2012 : Thèse de Maxime Vallée  Details 
10-07-2012 : Plus de 10 000 téléchargements du logiciel Antheprot depuis Avril 2000  Details 
12-02-2012 : AntheProt 3D fait la couverture de Journal of Biophysical Chemistry  Details 
01-01-2012  : Nomination Chargé de Mission INSB CNRS pour le suivi de la section 21 
18-02-2011  : Lancement de l'extension de l'IBCP dans le cadre du plan Campus 
28-12-2008  : Best wishes for new year 2009 
Happy new year
19-12-2008 : Merry Christmas  Details 
20-10-2008  : Nouvelle version d'Antheprot 3D (Windows OS) 
The 3D module of Antheprot has been completely re written in OPENGL for maximal graphic speed. It is now available as a standalone program but can be still associated with the general plateform. A new Website is available which demonstrates the software graphic possibilities.
Download the program.
20-10-2008  : Nouveau site web d'Antheprot 
The ANTHEPROT web site has been relooked and updated.
20-10-2008  : Nouveau site de DICROPROT 
The DICROPROTweb site has been relooked and updated.
01-01-2008  : Déja 40 inscrits sur l' annuaire des anciens doctorants 
28-12-2007 : Best wishes for new year 2008  Details 
Happy new year
20-12-2007  : Nomination au Conseil National des Universités 
19-12-2007 : Après 14 ans d'existence, le site Web de l'IBCP est devenu le site Web le plus visible du CNRS (Juillet 2007)  Details 
This ranking realised by Webometrics which sorts 4000 universities and 1000 research institutes according to Web sites visibilities, size and content.
18-12-2007  : Statistiques du serveur Web NPS@ 
More than ten year after its availability on the Internet, 15 000 000 analyses have been carried out with NPS@ server by biologists around the world for their research and teaching needs. This integrated server offers several analysis methods and gives access to the main and up-to-date sequence databases. This server is interconnected to several keywords query systems and is linked by other bioinformatics servers through the world including ExPASy server of SIB. Analyses come from all the world with main sources: 25% for France, 34% for Europe and 26% for US.
20-05-2004 : Election au Comité national du CNRS section 21  Details 

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